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Michael stretched as he awoke, sending a sudden shock of pain through his ankle. As his body jolted at the pain, his head swung back, connecting with The Spine’s chassis. Michael ducked his head forward with a slight hiss.

The Spine looked down at Michael in alarm. “Are you alright?”

Michael rubbed the back of his head gently, “Ugh.” Was all he responded with, still tired and fighting back the building tears. He didn’t remember falling asleep with The Spine, not that he really minded. He sat up slowly and stretched again, careful to only stretch his arms and chest. He placed his feet on the ground right before The Spine stopped him.

“Where do you think you’re going?” The Spine asked.

“...I gotta... I gotta pee...” He mumbled, trying to stand.

“You aren’t going anywhere without these.” The Spine said, handing Michael a pair of crutches.

Michael grumbled slightly as he took them, positioning them in a way that allowed him to stand. He cast a glare at The Spine who was following as he went along. “ ‘M not a baby. I can go by myself.”

“I’m sure you can.” The Spine said calmly, but continued to follow.

Michael stumbled several times but didn’t fall. The Spine stepped around the corner as Michael entered the bathroom, opting to give him some privacy.

Hey Rabbit.

Yeah, Spine?

Can you make Michael some breakfast? He’s probably going to be hungry soon.

Sure Spine.

No desserts for breakfast.

The Spine could almost see Rabbit’s pout as he responded, Fine. No desserts for breakfast.

Nothing with too much sugar either.

You’re just trying to take all the fun out of it, aren’t you?

The Spine ignored Rabbit as he heard a light thud from around the corner as Michael hit the floor with a groan. The Spine came around the corner to the collapsed Michael, to see that he had both crutches on one side of him. The Spine sighed, picking up Michael and cradling him to his chest with one arm, the other holding the crutches. He looked at Michael, “You tried to walk, didn’t you?”

Michael didn’t look the automaton in the eye, “Maybe...” He said quietly.

“You should really use the crutches, we don’t want you getting hurt. It’s not forever, only while your ankle heals.”

Michael frowned slightly, feeling bad. “I’m sorry Mr. Spine.”

The Spine chuckled quietly, “It’s alright Michael. Let’s head back. Rabbit’s making you breakfast. Do you want to try the crutches again, or do you want to be carried?”

Michael respond by curling closer against The Spine’s silk vest. The Spine chuckled again, taking long strides as he carried the boy back to the living room. Michael smiled into The Spine’s vest, maybe being taken care of for a day wasn’t so bad after all.

Rabbit came into the room with Michael’s ‘breakfast’. Sitting on the large serving platter was a hefty lump of mashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese, tater tots, french fries, and potato chips. All the delicious, starchy, definitely not for breakfast but not sweets a young boy could ask for. Michael cheered as he saw all his favorite foods brought out in one tray. Not a vegetable in sight. The Spine couldn't help but raise an eyebrow, that was definitely not what he had asked for.
“Hey M-m-m-mikey! Howya doin’?”

Michael smiled, clambering off the couch, he took the few good steps he could, and wrapped his arms around the automaton, hugging him. Rabbit wrapped his free arm around the boy. Shooting The Spine a questioning look, Michael was rarely this openly loving. The Spine shrugged.

He’s been rather... affectionate this morning.

I can tell.

Rabbit scooped him up with his open arm, depositing him back onto the couch. he handed him the platter and the biggest bottle of ketchup you could imagine, ignoring the disapproving look from The Spine. Yet that glare didn’t last long as Spine could see just how happy Michael was, shoveling the mashed potatoes into his mouth. The two robots couldn’t help but smile as they watched the boy eat. At least in this moment he wasn’t in pain.

I’m going after that bully today, Rabbit

Rabbit’s eyes widened as he glanced at The Spine.

But you don’t even know what he looks like.

Easy enough to figure out, he’ll probably be terrorizing some other defenseless kids.

What are you gonna do when you find him?

Talk some sense into him. He’s never going to hurt Michael, or Peter, or anyone else ever again.

Just be careful, okay Spine? Humans are squishy... bullies or not.

I always am, Rabbit. I always am.

Michael watched Rabbit’s facial expressions and knew he was conversing with The Spine. He had learned a long time ago that the two could talk silently over the Wi-Fi and was always trying to see if he could figure out what they were talking about. “Is Peter okay?” He asked when he saw the worried expression on Rabbit’s face.

The Spine patted Michael on the shoulder gently, “Of course he is. I have something I have to take care of, do you mind staying with Michael?” He asked Rabbit.

“Course I don’t mind.” Rabbit said with a grin.

The Spine took Michael’s now empty plate, save for a few fries. “I’ll be back in a little while. Don’t do anything strenuous.”

Michael nodded enthusiastically as The Spine left the room. “Rabbit, what does strenuous mean?”

“I-I think it m-m-m-means to strain your peas.”

“Why would I do that? I hate peas!” He stuck his tongue out in disgust.

“I d-don’t know.”

Michael shrugged, “Wanna watch cartoons?”

“Sure M-mikey, anythin’ you w-w-want.”

The two of them drifted off into their own world together. Watching cartoons and coloring. That was one of the many perks of being part of such a large, and truly unique, family. There was always someone to spend the time with. And as they were happily enjoying each others company, Peter VI was stirring upstairs.

Young Peter awoke. Rubbing the sleep from one eye, careful not to touch the other. It was still sore, but was healing. After stretching and sliding off his bed, he walked to the mirror. Much like the way his father would, he examined his eye carefully. An angry shade of bluish purple had spread all around it, causing it to swell and nearly block his vision. Remnants of bruising peeked through his pajama shirt, hiding the many new colors to his skin just below the collar..

Michael was strong, he always protected Peter when he was attacked. The bullies hadn’t started with the attacks on Michael. Michael got himself hurt helping him more than anything.

“Why can’t I be strong?” He sighed to himself, running his small fingers over his reflection in the mirror. The bullies started their threats with him, but Michael got himself involved. If Peter was stronger he wouldn’t need Michael to protect him, to get hurt for him. To take the punches and the beatings. “Michael wouldn’t be hurt if I was strong. Then I could protect him, instead of him protecting me.” His hand dropping from the mirror, unable to bare his own reflection anymore. He closed his eyes as the tears began to swell up. The aching pain was back, along with the memories.

The first beating. Michael wasn’t there when the bully attacked. Michael had never been the target. Peter had been alone, waiting for Michael, but he hadn’t shown up yet. Suddenly he was pulled beside the building and pushed to the ground. He tried to get up, only to be kicked back down. The bully sneered down at him. “Nerd.” He accentuated the word with a kick.

“Stop..” Peter said quietly, not quite understanding what was happening.

“Why should I?” The bully asked, hauling Peter up by the collar of his shirt, and slamming his back against the wall. “You’re a freak, just like the rest of your family.”

Peter tried to put up his hands to protect himself, only to see Michael come running up to the bully, beating at his arm. “Let my brother go!” He shouted.

The bully looked at Peter and scoffed, “You got lucky. Your brother’s just a freak too.” He dropped Peter unceremoniously and walked away.

Peter crumpled to the ground as Michael knelt beside him. “Hey, are you okay?”

Peter was alive but shaken. “I’m okay. Can we just go home?” He already knew these wouldn’t be over so easily, but he dreamed they would.

He went to his dresser to get another shirt, one to cover the ugly reminders. and caught a glimpse of himself in the mirror. it angered him. He grabbed the item closest to him, a book that he had stopped reading long ago, and threw it at the mirror.

The mirror splintered with a loud crack, fragments scattering on the ground. Peter glared at the pieces, all they did was show him reminders of the past, things he wanted to forget. He thought of Michael, his one defender, his one true friend. He looked at his own reflection and whispered to the reflection, “I will never let you hurt him again,” before walking out of the room and slamming the door behind him. (set up for something larger? Not immediate but could leave an interesting storyline open)

The Spine walked along the near empty street, school would be out soon, and one of the kids among the flood would be the bully. The one who hurt Michael and Peter. He had already found out who, a fifth grader by the name of Jackson Howe. He had bribed a shopkeeper who had seen the bullying take place. The Spine was more than a little bit angry that the man had stood idly by as Peter and Michael were beaten, but he held back his anger.

He followed as Jackson walked down the street, he ducked into an alleyway with The Spine quick to follow. He watched as Jackson scouted a group of small kids, his next victims. The Spine snatched at the bully’s arm, dragging him back into the alley.

“You’re a bully.” The Spine stated, pressing the bully to the wall. He towered over the boy, his piercing green eyes staring straight into the boy’s. “I don’t like bullies.”

The boy whimpered, not quite understanding what was happening. “I didn’t do anything!”

“Really? So you’re telling me you never hurt people? You weren’t going to hurt those kids?” He brought the boy up to eye level, “You’re going to try to tell me that you didn’t hurt my Michael?”

Jackson’s feet and arms flailed, tears streaming down his cheeks.

“How’s it feel to be scared Jackson? To be terrified, to know I’m going to hurt you, and do you want to know why? Because I’m bigger than you.” He whispered in the boy’s ear.

“I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I won't do it again. I PROMISE!” The boy shrieked.

He held the boy in the air for another moment before dropping him. “Let that be a warning to you. If you touch Peter, or Michael, or anyone else EVER again, I WILL hurt you, and you WILL be sorry. I’ll be watching you Jackson, I know where you live, where you sleep, where you go to school. Do NOT test me.” He walked away leaving the boy quivering. He doubted that Jackson would ever harm Peter or Michael again.
Little Chapter 2: Tall Man of Silver
Collaborative fic I started with giraffes on parade a long time ago.

I don't own Steam Powered Giraffe.
Michael and Peter VI grumbled as they pulled their backpacks on. Neither of the boys particularly liked school yet at age 8. Michael was far more hyper than Peter VI at home, but retained a certain amount of shyness at school. Peter V always dropped them off in the mornings, but let them walk home. Neither boy was particularly strong, both were more inclined to brains rather than brawns. Their brilliance and talent had already begun to show through.

This day was like all the others on their walk home. They expected it, knew it would happen, it was far from the first time. Even when they tried to run they were caught quickly, never truly able to escape their ill gotten punishment. Their path was blocked by a rowdy bunch of boys. Although the rest of the pack changed often, the leader was always the same. A robust dark haired young man who was too tall for his grade. He liked to use his size to his advantage, tormenting the smaller kids. It always brought him great pleasure.

“Time for your medicine punks.” He chuckled. He lunged forward with the rest of his pack, grabbing at Michael and Peter’s backpacks and yanking them to the ground. Peter fell hard, but Michael was able to slip out of his backpack. His instinct was to run but he didn’t get far before realizing that Peter hadn’t been so lucky to escape. With a soft curse under his breath he doubled back, deflecting the Bully’s aimed punch at Peter with his own shoulder.

“Oh look, your boyfriend’s here to save you.” the bully sneered as Michael shoved Peter out of the way.

“He’s not my boyfriend.” Michael exclaimed, trying to throw a punch of his own. The bully easily caught Michael’s fist. He squeezed Michael's fingers with all of his might, causing the smaller boy to gasp out in pain. Their eyes met, Michael's soft and pleading but his was wide and ecstatic. He let out a hard cackle before throwing a punch aimed for his face.

Michael stumbled backwards as the fist connected with his nose. His right foot slipped off the curb and into the gutter. A soft cracking noise and he let out a howl of pain, the fall twisting his ankle. Peter jumped to his feet, seeing Michael in pain. The Bully moved in closer, trying to close the gap between him and the boys when he was shoved back by Peter.

“Think you’re tough nerd?” He snorted, pushing Peter back.

“Leave him alone.” Whimpering, Peter’s tone as frail as he was.

“You want some too?” And with one swift movement, his balled up fist made contact with Peter’s head. Bruising his cheekbone and eye before the pummeling continued.

“What are you boys doing!” A voice called out from across the street. An elderly man shuffling towards them. “Break it up or I’ll call your mothers!”

“You nerds are lucky. We’ll get you tomorrow.” He hissed, punching one hand into his palm and spitting on the two of them.

Peter waited for the bullies to disappear in the distance before helping Michael out of the gutter. As he tried to put weight on his foot, the pain shocked through his body, forcing Michael to hiss in pain. They both knew that it would be near impossible to hide this injury. Michael reached up wiping blood away from his nose, not broken, but painful. Peter didn’t look all too well himself. A ring of angry blues, reds, and purples had already begun to form around his eye, the bruising setting in. Peter helped Michael shrug on his back pack carefully, then helped his Michael to lean on his shoulder. Silently making their trek back home.

They had been beaten by bullies before, it was a familiar pain to trudge home and hide. They never talked about it, save the conversations they had in the dead of night to each other. Dreams of showing the bullies that they could be tough too, that they could be as strong as their tormentors. They knew their injuries would be difficult to disguise, but they would try anyway. Between Peter’s eye, and Michael’s ankle, they would need a better excuse than gym class.

The Spine was waiting in the living room as he always was when they got home. Peter did his best to hide the left side of his face. Michael stayed in shadow as best he could, leaning against the wall trying to act tired rather than pained. The Spine lowered his newspaper looking up at them. “How was school?” His deep voice rumbled. With Peter V busy as usual, Spine was cast in the role of guardian.

“It was good...” Peter mumbled, purposefully averting his gaze.

“Was okay.” Michael echoed.

The Spine looked at the two of them suspiciously. Usually they were more rambunctious, the way all children were. But there was obviously something on their little minds. “Something wrong?”

“No.” The boys said in perfect unison, perhaps a little too vehementently.

The Spine stood and walked to Peter who was still trying to hide the left side of his face. “Peter.” He commanded in that fatherly tone he adopted from Peter V. “Look at me.” Peter was reluctant. The scowl in his face only made Spine more concerned. He gently cupped a hand under Peter’s chin, forcing his gaze upwards. “Do you want to tell me what happened?”

Peter looked down, the excuse already forming in his mind. “In gym class...”

The Spine fixed Peter with a look that told him that he wasn’t buying it. Peter’s eyes flicked to Michael for a short second, just long enough for The Spine to notice. “Michael can you come over here please?”

Michael did his best not to show the pain as he shifted his weight off of the wall and onto his feet. A small grimace crossed his brow as he tried to walk normally. He took about three steps before nearly collapsing at the shooting pain through his ankle.

The Spine was at his side in an instant, supporting Michael’s light frame with ease. Hushing the boys pained whimpers. He carried Michael, despite his cries, and placed him gently on the couch. In true robotic fashion, he examined Michael’s ankle with great care. “You have a bad sprain, nothing that can’t be fixed.” He looked at the boys. “What happened to you?”

After a minute of awkward silence, Peter found the courage to speak, “Bullies beat us up.”

“I see.”

Rabbit, could you bring an ice pack, some bandages, a set of crutches and some tylenol to the living room?

Why, is someone hurt?

The boys got into a fight, looks like Michael might have a sprained ankle. Doesn’t look like there are any broken bones, but there’s a good bit of bruising.

Be there in five minutes.

The Spine returned his attention to Michael, noticing the small droplets of blood that had started to slowly drip down his face again.

Some tissues might not be a bad idea either Rabbit.

He turned to Peter VI, “Are you okay?” He asked pointedly. While Michael seemed to be in worse condition, that didn’t mean Peter wasn’t trying to hide an injury of his own. His eye was swelling at an alarming rate, but he could still walk, which was better than he could say for Michael.

Rabbit waltzed into the room, arms full of items both requested and not. He set it all down on the table and bounded over to the boys. He ran a gloved finger under the edge of Peter’s eye with a frown of worry before pulling him into a tight hug. Peter let out a pained groan at the sudden pressure on his body, and Rabbit released him immediately.

The Spine raised a concerned eyebrow to Peter. There must have been more injuries hidden under the surface. Rabbit was always gentle with the boys, but the slightest touch caused them pain. He forced that stern brow again,  holding out a hand to the young Walter. “Is there more?” He questioned. Peter’s only response was a small sniffle and hidden eyes. “Shirt off.” He commanded. “Now.”

Peter reluctantly removed his shirt to reveal something neither Automaton was prepared for. His back, chest, and shoulders were peppered in bruises. They ranged from the newest in deep purple to a faded brown of those almost healed. Rabbit released a small yelp, and The Spine released a puff of steam in surprise.

“Michael’s got it worse, he’s been tryin’ to protect me.” Peter stomped vehemently. It wasn’t an accusation, but a statement of concern. The Spine looked at Michael who was trying to bury his face in the couch. He took a quick peek under Michael’s shirt, it was indeed much worse. He forced a sigh and started to work, grabbing the bandages off of the table.

“W-w-w-why wouldn’t you tell us?!” Rabbit exclaimed.

“Didn’ want you to worry.” Michael said, still trying to hide his face.

“Well we’re worried now. How long has this been going on?” The Spine asked, gently taking Michael’s injured ankle in hand.

“A couple of months...” Peter said quietly.

“A couple of months? Really Peter, you should have told us. I would expect this from Michael, but not from you.” The Spine wrapped Michael’s ankle with expert precision, careful not to be too tight and cut off circulation. He gave the boy a gentle pat on the head, stood,  and then handed the ice pack to Peter.

“W-why wouldn’t you t-tell us that p-p-p-people were h-hurting you? W-we c-c-coulda s-s-stopped it.”

Michael pouted and tried to look away, He hated feeling like this. “When you were my age you were fighting in wars.”

The Spine raised an eyebrow, “That's what this is about?” The Spine reached out to Michael, taking the young boys chin into his hand, forcing Michael to look him in the eyes once more. “There are several holes in your logic, the first being, we’re robots. You and Peter are human, and much more fragile than me, The Jon, or Rabbit have ever been. The second being, we were built as adults, you haven’t even hit puberty yet. You are nowhere near ready to fight battles the way we did. And the third, the third is that we never wanted to be there in the first place.”

Michael frowned slightly, “But... you guys are heroes.”

“We’re not heroes, Mikey. We were just as sc-sc-sc-scared as y-y-you musta been.” Rabbit chimed in, ruffling Peter’s hair gently. Peter twisted away from the hand, still holding the ice pack to his eye.

“You’re going to have to stay off that foot for a few days.” Spine ordered.

Michael mumbled a half-hearted protest but didn’t truly try to fight The Spine’s ruling.

The silver bot pressed a bottle of water and some pills into Michael’s hands. “Take this, you’ll feel better.”

Michael sat up carefully under the watchful eye of The Spine. He shifted with some light groans, trying to grow accustomed to the new pains that wracked his body.

“We care about you.” He looked at Peter, “both of you.”

Rabbit smiled and ran out of the room before poking his head around the corner, “N-n-now, who wants ice cream?”

The Spine couldn’t help but smile as he shook his head. Rabbit spoiled the boys routinely. Rabbit hooked an arm around Peter’s waist, pulling him into his lap as he flopped onto the couch next to Michael. The Spine dished out ice cream for the three of them. There was no harm in spoiling them after what they had gone through. He could deal with the bully tomorrow, tonight was all about his boys.

Later that day...

The Spine knocked gently on the door to Peter V’s study, wondering how best to approach the delicate subject. (needs something more here-)

Peter V opened the door and smiled, “Spine, I wasn’t expecting you, come in.” He closed the door behind the automaton and gestured to the chairs. The Spine sat down uncomfortably, still internally debating how to break the news to Peter V. “Something on your mind?”

The Spine sighed. “It’s about your son.”

“Peter?” He asked in alarm. Michael was his son by law, and he loved him, but it had become obvious to him years ago that Michael was more a son to The Spine and Rabbit than to him.

“It seems that Peter and Michael have been bullied, rather violently, for several months now.” He stated it more like a rehearsed fact, then the worrisome news it was.

“Are they alright?” Peter asked in alarm, falling back into his large chair.

“They both have a good bit of bruising on their chests and backs. Peter received a black eye and Michael has a sprained ankle. They’ll live through it, but I think Peter in particular could use his father right now.”

Peter V nodded. “Where is he?”

“He’s with Rabbit and Michael in the living room. I gave him an ice pack for the swelling. There’s not much I can do about the bruising, so be careful touching him.” He stood up beckoning Peter V to follow.

“Thank you, Spine.” Peter moved back on his feet, following the silver automaton. “I know that I can trust you to take care of us.”

The Spine just gave a quick nod and led Peter V to the living room. It was nice to have his efforts acknowledged but his mind was far from Peter’s praises at the moment. He would have to reflect back on it later.

“Pappy!” Peter VI exclaimed as they reached the bottom of the stairs, crossing into the living room. The young boy scrambled into his father’s waiting arms and they hugged gently. It was a brief embrace, Peter V not really one for too much physical contact. But certain times required it and this was definitely one of those times.

“The Spine told me you two have been having problems with a bully.” He asked as they broke contact. His tone quickly changing back to being stern and rigid. “Do you want to talk about it?”

Michael and Peter both shook their heads no.

“Alright then.” He faked a smile. He wasn’t going to make them talk about it if they didn’t want to. He removed the ice pack from Peter’s eye for a moment, examining the swelling before replacing it. Then walking over to Michael and investigating his ankle with great care. “I’’m taking you both out of school, at least for a few days.”

Michael and Peter smiled, they most definitely didn’t mind.

“They could use the rest.” The Spine agreed. “I think Michael should sleep down here. Its best to avoid the stairs.”

Peter V nodded in agreement. “I’ll have someone bring down his bedding.”

Michael pouted, “Do I have to?”

Peter V and The Spine looked at him, “Yes.” They said simultaneously.

“It-it-it’ll be fun, Mikey! It’ll be like a sleepovah!” Rabbit smiled. Playing the part of Jester and always trying to cheer Michael up.

“I guess...” Michael murmured, still pouting slightly. He didn’t mind sleeping downstairs, he’d done it plenty of times before, what he hated was the coddling. He tried to shift in his seat, but he was trapped by Rabbit’s arm around him. His eyelids were slowly beginning to droop as he relaxed into Rabbit’s side. He was beginning to get more and more tired, a side effect of the pills.

Rabbit notice Michael starting to drift off to sleep, and continued to hold him, he didn’t mind. When Michael finally fell asleep The Spine covered him with a blanket, more out of fatherly instinct than the need for warmth.

After about an hour Rabbit’s voice chimed over the Walter Wi-Fi.

Could you take Michael for a little while? I promised The Jon I’d take him for ice cream later.

The Spine was still in the room, but neither wanted to wake the boy, so they stayed to the silent channels of Wi-FI.

Of course, Rabbit.

He gently lifted Michael from Rabbit’s chest, before settling on the couch himself. Michael shifted in his sleep, curling in closer to the warmth of The Spine. The Spine smiled, he like sitting with Michael as he slept.
Little Chapter 1: Bullied
This is a fic I started with help from Giraffesonparade that's been sitting in my google drive collecting dust. I'm hoping publishing it might help me get back in the groove of writing again.

Since Giraffesonparade has withdrawn from helping me from the third chapter on, if anyone else would like to help me coauthor this, I'd be more than grateful to you.

Journal History

Hey! Hey! Hey! Guess what! I'm an amateur novelist. Just thought I'd let you all know. I wrote a 40,108 word story in 45 days, I'm pretty proud of myself. So yeah. Yay me. I'm totally bragging. I am super happy now. It's a Steam Powered Giraffe fan fic by the way, and there's rumors of a sequel in the works… Don't know but all I can say is I'm taking a break from writing this fic (at least online) for a short time.


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