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The Spine smiled as he stepped off of the bus he was outside a local bar. He never drank alcohol, but he liked the relaxed atmosphere and the company. The Spine sat down at one of the bar stools, hunching his shoulders to mask his height, he ordered a glass of water. He casually listened to the conversations around him, he picked up on one in particular that seemed to be interesting. A pretty young woman and a dark haired man were discussing music.

He pretended to be oblivious to their conversation, but couldn't help but notice when the woman got up and walked towards him. She gently tapped on his shoulder, "Excuse me, I'm sorry but would mind helping us settle a disagreement?" She said pointing to the dark haired man.

The Spine turned around to face her, happy to oblige, but was taken a back by just how beautiful she was in the light. She was tall compared to most girls, and even some guys at 6' 3" Her long blond hair swept down her back to just above her hips, and she held her self with a self confidence and grace that said that she knew just how beautiful she was.

"Alright." he responded, trying to keep his cool. He followed her over to the table, where she sat down and motioned for him to sit too. "Let's settle this right now", she said to the dark haired man. She turned back to The Spine, "Do you know music pretty well?" she asked him.

"I guess you could say that." He said, choosing his words carefully.

"Alright then, who wrote Twist and Shout? The Beatles or The Majors?"

"Actually neither, Twist and Shout was originally by The Isley Brothers."

The dark haired man had pulled out his phone while they were talking, "He's right." He looked pointedly at the woman, you owe me 20$."

The woman crossed her arms defiantly and smirked. "I don't owe you anything, the bet was if you wererightI owed you 20$." She turned to The Spine as if suddenly remembering he was there. "I'm sorry where are my manners? I'm Holly, and this is my brother Aaron, and you are?"

"I'm Roy, it's nice to meet you." He extended his hand to Holly and Aaron in turn.

"You've got a grip there." Aaron remarked.

The Spine suddenly felt self conscious but masked it with a charming smile.

Aaron's phone chirped, prompting him to check his messages, he let out a silent groan. "Damn," he zipped up his coat stuffing his phone into his pocket. "Duty calls, it was nice to meet you uh….."

"Roy." The Spine interjected.

"Roy, right." He turned to Holly, "Did you want me to drop you off at home, or do you want to take the bus?"

"I think I'll take the bus."

"Alright then, I'll see you later," with a quick hug, he turned on his heel and left.

The Spine was glad she had decided to stay, he had hoped to learn more about her.

"So tell me Roy," she said as she casually stirred her drink with her straw, "got a last name?"


She let out a small snorting laugh, "OK Bladerunner, don't tell me."

He couldn't help but smile, she was the first human to have caught on to the reference since he had begun to use it as an alias.

Steve went out to the backyard archery range of Walter Manor, he was the only one who ever made any real use of it. He pinned his newest stuffed animal, a unicorn, to the target. He moved back to the 30 yard line, before nocking an arrow and taking a deep breath. He released the arrow, and impaled the unicorn's horn to the target. With every arrow that became imbedded in the target he felt his stresses fade away. At the end of his session the unicorn was little more than a pile fabric scraps and cotton stuffing. He felt better by far than when he had started.

Paige and Rabbit were having an adventure of their own. Rabbit had gotten it into his mind that digging through the attic would be a 'fun' adventure. Paige had been skeptical at first, but she became increasingly interested as he produced a number of peculiar objects from the boxes. Rabbit tossed something out of the box and it landed on the floor behind him.

Paige bent down to pick it up, examining it with curiosity. It seemed to be a mesh of gold and silver in the shape of a sphere, that pulsated with a bluish green light. She noticed a point on the top that looked to be a loose panel, she pressed down on it lightly and it clicked into place. Eight long, spindly, spider-like legs shot out of its sides, surprising Paige and caused her to drop it. The Spider like machine scurried away out of sight before she could do or say anything, and she made a mental note not to touch anything else. "Rabbit, are you sure it's safe in here? Maybe some of these inventions are better left forgotten."

"it's fine Paige, I know what I'm doin'." Rabbit responded, right before he knocked over a crate of broken inventions. He pointed at the fallen crate and said, "I meant to do that."
Less interesting chapter, but important because I needed to introduce the OC Holly, I don’t tend to right in OCs but in this case it is necessary, because she has a large part in the over all storyline of this fan fic

Still don't own Steam Powered Giraffe, no matter how much I wish I did
Abstract321 Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
This is coming along swell! I'm curious about The Spine's feelings for Holly and what it's going to cause. e_e
stories11 Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2013   Digital Artist
Well, chapter 11 is already in progress, the writing is coming along quickly because I have a secondary overarching story line mapped out already, I hope you like Holly because she has a part to play just like everyone else.
Abstract321 Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I do, Holly is a good character thus far it seems!
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