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Michael and The Spine pulled up outside of Walter Manor around 5 in the morning,"Come on up to the house, you can sleep here for tonight, we have plenty of room." Michael was too tired to protest, and followed The Spine to the door of the manor. He unlocked the door and directed Michael to a guest room.

He took note of Rabbit sleeping on the couch, he could move him in a few minutes. He went to the restroom to inspect his face and clear away any last traces of make up, not seeing any he went back to the living room. He lifted his brother up off the couch, used to finding him asleep in strange places, he walked to Rabbit's room with the intent of tucking him in for the night. He was surprised when he got there to find Paige sleeping in Rabbit's bed. "Well that's new." He remarked quietly before exiting the room, he would definitely have to ask Rabbit about that in the morning.

Her walked away to his own room where he placed Rabbit in his own bed. He pulled the black silk sheets up around his sleeping brother. He checked his closet to make sure the black box was locked and hidden, there was no telling what Rabbit might get into when he woke up.

He walked around the manor to be sure people were settled for the night. He checked on Michael first to be sure he was settling in for the night- er morning well. He peeked around the edge of the door and saw that Michael had crawled into the bed and fell asleep, too tired to remove his shoes or even turn off the lights. The Spine turned them off before leaving him be.

On his way to check on Brianna he passed through the kitchen. The sandwiches were still piled everywhere, he could barely take a step without stepping on one, he made a mental note to clean them up after he checked on her. Making his way past the perilous piles of sandwiches he made his way to the left wing of the mansion. He walked to her room. He peeked in to see that Brianna had fallen asleep next to the monitor that watched the front door with a book in her hands. He picked her up and put her in her bed gently. He closed the book being careful not to lose her place and put it on the nightstand. He couldn't help but laugh when he noticed the name. "I certainly don't, but maybe some do." He thought to himself, I should ask Rabbit and Hatchworth if they dream of electric sheep later on today.

The Spine went back to the kitchen armed with trash bags. He filled bag after bag with sandwiches, and set them aside. Once he had all of them bagged, he began the process of taking them all to the incinerator to burn. When all the bags were burned to the kitchen to clean up the mess of crumbs and mysterious sandwich ingredients. He hummed 'Me and My Baby' As he wiped down the final counter.

It was 8 am already. He started up a pot of coffee for Steve and Matt who were sure to be arriving soon. He fixed himself a tall glass of water to refill his boiler after the long and interesting night. The Spine sat at the table, content with the cleanliness of the kitchen, and tried to convince himself that his happiness was not just about the Saturday to come.

Much to The Spine's surprise Michael was the first one awake, Michael walked in and went went straight for the coffee pot. "You should head back to bed, Mr. Reed." He said sipping his water once again.

"M'okay." Michael murmured in response still half-asleep, before attempting to retrieve a coffee mug.

The Spine stood up and walked over to Michael, and closed the cabinet. "Three hours of sleep is not 'fine'." The Spine insisted.

"M'okay." Michael insisted again, pawing at The Spine's chest half attempting to push him away.

The Spine looked down straight into Michael's eyes. "Mr.Reed you are going back to bed if I have to take you there myself." Michael turned back to the coffee maker ignoring The Spine's warning. The Spine lifted Michael up over his shoulder and began to proceed back to the guest room. Michael beat and kicked against The Spine half heartedly. "You're only going to hurt yourself doing that." He said. He put Michael down on the bed where he tried to get up again, Michael was far from being fully awake and was easy to stop. The Spine pushed him back down onto the bed gently and pulled the blanket over him. Michael was far from happy but remained in bed.

The Spine walked to the doorway before turning around, "If you get up anytime soon I'll be forced to take more drastic measures Mr.Reed." He stepped into the hallway and waited beside the door way for a moment, waiting to see if Michael would stir again. The moment The Spine was out of site the sleepy Michael got out of bed again and lumbered towards the door.

He could hear the uneven footsteps and reached into his pocket, he kept a small hypodermic of sedatives with him for times when the humans were over stubborn. As Michael came around the corner he caught him by the arm, he injected a half dose into his arm with blinding speed, "I'm sorry, but you can't say I didn't warn you." Michael fell into his waiting arms where he carried him once again into the bed, there was no worry of him getting up for several hours.

Several hours later….

The Spine was ready with aspirin when Michael finally woke up and came into the kitchen. Matt and Steve were already there and wide awake. Steve smiled at Michael and said, "Well good morning Sleeping Beauty."

Michael sent him back a look that tried to convey shut up, but mostly said 'ugh'. "I wouldn't have been asleep for so long if someone," He shot an angry glance at The Spine, "hadn't drugged me."

Steve cocked an eyebrow at The Spine looking for an explanation.

The Spine shrugged, "He wouldn't sleep, I warned him and he didn't listen." He reached across the table and handed Michael the pills, "You're gonna want these for the headache you're about to have."

Michael looked down at the pills, "Great more drugs, that fixes everything." He didn't reject them though, he downed them all with a glass of water. Within a few minutes his head was filled with a sudden pressure, this must have been the headache The Spine was talking about.

Paige came into the kitchen and went for the refrigerator to grab a bottle of water. She was acutely aware of The Spine's gaze as she got the water. she closed the refrigerator and saw the quizzical and almost amused look The Spine was giving her. She decided it was better not to ask, and set off in search of Rabbit. The last thing she remembered was falling asleep on the couch next to him, maybe he could explain why she woke up in his bed.

This was the first time Rabbit had woken up in The Spine's bed. It took him several minutes to bring up the memories of the previous night. I powered down on the couch, but why did I do that again? Oh right, Paige was in my bed…. wait why was Paige in my bed? He suddenly remembered carrying her to bed after she had fallen asleep on the couch next to him. He smiled and hoped she had slept well. He looked around the room, The Spine rarely allowed him in, and so he wanted to use the opportunity to his best advantage. He looked through the drawers and closet, looking for anything of interest . When he cam up empty he muttered to himself, "Well that was boring." and left the room.

The Spine pulled an ice pack out of the freezer and handed it to Michael in hopes of helping to soothe his headache. He truly felt bad about sedating him, but it had been a necessary evil.

Michael took the ice pack from The Spine with a slightly less hateful glare. "Still can't believed you drugged me….." He mumbled under his breath.

The Spine gave a serious look. "I told you to stay in bed."

Michael opened his mouth to protest and closed it again. The Spine was right, he did say to stay in bed, and he hadn't listened. "Why do you have drugs anyway?!" He asked annoyed by the reason in The Spine's logic.

The Spine shifted in his seat uncomfortably searching for the right words. "Some of the former humans have had…. issues when dealing with the ….. stranger happenings of the manor.

"Okay then…" Michael responded at a loss for words.

The Spine stood up from the table. "I'm gonna go for a walk." he said simply before leaving the room.
The next chapter marks the return of Hatchworth and I want to make a mention. This fan fic in no way reflects my feelings of the band, I enjoy their music and the characters but I am NOT saying this is how they would react to certain situations.

Once3 again don't own steam powered giraffe
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Abstract321 Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
"Great more drugs" :icongigglesplz:
stories11 Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2013   Digital Artist
That makes two of us who laughed! (Yes I laugh at my own jokes, I also cry at my own death scenes) :p
Abstract321 Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I see nothing wrong with that!
Gebrelle Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
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Glad you're enjoying the fic! Chapter 13 is in the works!
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"Spine go to bed", thats what i kept thinking when he was checking on everyone else.
stories11 Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2013   Digital Artist
That's so sweet of you to think of him, I'm surprised there have been no comments of outrage at The Spine drugging Michael yet (even though he needed to sleep)
skyfairystarling Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2013  Student General Artist
He needs some sleep to, if i was Michael i would have told him to go to bed as well XD i think i would be happy if i was given sleeping drugs since i have insomia XP
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