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January 20, 2013
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Holly followed Brianna through what seemed like endless hallways to a small guest room. The room its self was clean, the bed had been freshly made, and the light bulbs replaced, but a smell of dust lingered in the air. Brianna turned around once they were in the room, "Sorry about how strange all of this must be, I'm Brianna by the way." She said in a bubbly manner.

Holly set down her heels on the floor and shook Brianna's hand. Her eyes continued to flit around the room, trying to take it all in, it was like nothing she had ever seen. The bedding and walls were a deep maroon and gold accented the room in a Gothic burlesque style. "This is a guest room?" She asked in awe, if this was what they had for guests she couldn't imagine the rooms of the robots themselves.

"Yes, this one's not used very much anymore, but I'm glad to see you like it." Brianna smiled, "I gathered some clothes for you for the night, but I wasn't expecting you to be so…." She struggled for a word.

"Tall?" Holly prompted her. "It's okay, I get that a lot, I'm fine in what I'm wearing anyway." She gave Brianna a reassuring smile before realizing The Spine's coat was still clutched around her shoulders. She took it off and handed it to Brianna, "He might want this back." She said softly, almost reluctant to give it up.

Brianna set the coat down on a nearby chair, "I'm sure he'll be by to get it soon enough." She paused for a moment and then said, "I have some things I have to attend to, the bathroom is down the hall, 3rd door on the left, and either The Spine or I'll bring you breakfast." She smiled again before slipping out the floor.

Holly sat down on the edge of the bed, and waited for him to come.

The Spine and Michael Reed walked through the front door of the manor. The Spine hoped to hurry off to go see Holly again, to tell her everything was ok, that the whole arrangement was temporary, but luck was not with him.

Rabbit's voice called from the living room, "Hey Mr.Reed. Oh hey Spine! Where have you been all day?"

The Spine let out a silent groan before going to the living room. Paige was curled up next to Rabbit, his arm crooked around her waist, both of them beaming at him.

"I've been out taking care of some things. Why did you need something?" he asked, hoping that he could get out of the room as quickly as possible.

"No it's just I-I-I haven't seen ya all day. Why don't you come watch a movie with us?" Rabbit smiled.

"I'd love to Rabbit, but I have a few other things to take care of." The Spine said evasively.

Rabbit's expression dropped suddenly, obviously hurt. "Oh, Okay then. Can't ya put it off for a little while?" He asked hopefully.

The Spine wanted to say no, and to go to Holly, but looking at Rabbit, but he couldn't say no to Rabbit, not this time. "Alright, one movie." he said begrudgingly. At least Brianna is down there with her, so she's not alone.

Two hours later The Spine walked down the hall to the guest room. He poked his head in, "Holly? I'm sorry I took so long. I -" He cut off his sentence suddenly. Holly was curled up on the bed, asleep. He smiled when he realized that she had covered herself with his jacket rather than the blanket below her.

He sat down in the chair next to her, he hadn't been there when she had fallen asleep, the least he could do was make sure she didn't wake up alone. He dimmed his photo receptors and allowed himself to slip into stasis.

The nightmares started again that night.

He could hear his brothers awful screams in the dark. The sounds of war surrounded him, with bullets rattling off in the distance, from what sounded like feet away he could hear the sound of a buzz saw and the angry screech of the twisting of metal. He reached out trying to touch anything, he couldn't see or feel anything. He could hear Rabbit screaming his name in the midst of his pain.

"Rabbit?!" He shouted back, stumbling in the direction of his brothers voice. "Rabbit!" All he could feel was a cold pressure surrounding him as the screams carried on through the black.

He knew it was only a nightmare, but he couldn't wake up. He trashed and screamed in the dark and suddenly an eerie silence fell over it all. There was nothing, only the cold and pressure.

He suddenly felt something warm touching his chest, his face, he could hear whispers telling him everything was okay. He opened his eyes.

Holly was beside him, holding him and telling him everything was okay.

"Holly?" He said in a choked whisper.

Her red rimmed eyes looked up into his own, "Spine? You're okay….." She said, quietly. She hugged him. "I was so scared, I woke up, and you were screaming, and I tried to wake you up, but you just kept screaming." She cried and hugged him again. "I'm so glad you're okay."

The Spine hugged her back, surprised. She had cried over him. She had been scared for him not of him. "I'm okay, it's just…. nightmares. Terrible nightmares."

Holly kissed him softly. "Don't scare me like that again. I only just met you, I can't lose you yet."

He held her gently and quietly as she drifted back to sleep. The Spine felt himself drifting off into stasis, he let it happen, some how he knew the nightmares wouldn't come back again that night.

Early the next day he woke up, Holly still asleep in his arms. He placed her on the bed, gently covering her with the blankets before silently slipping out of the room. He made his way through the house to the kitchen, it wasn't too far away. He got a glass of water and contemplated the night. They had gotten through the night without Hatchworth or Rabbit finding out, that was a plus, but there was the issue of how to get her out of the house.

Rabbit came into the kitchen quietly. "Hey Spine!" He exclaimed.

For once The Spine hadn't heard him coming, and jumped slightly when he spoke. "Hello, Rabbit." he said.

"Did you get that st-st-stuff done last night?" Rabbit asked trying to spark a conversation.

The Spine's eyebrows furrowed for a moment in confusion before remembering what Rabbit was talking about, "Yes I did for the most part, I'll have to do a couple more things today."

Rabbit got a glass of water and looked at him expectantly. "Well?"

"Well what?"

"Aren't ya gonna tell me what it is?"

"Not right now Rabbit, maybe later."

A quizzical expression crossed Rabbit's face."Hey Spine?"

"Yes Rabbit?" He asked, already exhausted from his brother, all he wanted to do was return to Holly.

Robot pointed a coppery hand, "Who's that?"

The Spine turned around to see a sleepy and bewildered Holly standing in the doorway. The Spine opened his mouth and closed it again. This was going to take quite a bit of explaining.
Rating has been changed to PG-13

I do not own steam powered giraffe in any way
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Warrioratheart Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I still am curious about Brianna and Spine. *Drums fingers maliciously on table* I wonder if there's any fight to be had..?

Wonderfully written!
stories11 Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2013   Digital Artist
thank you! I really appreciate it, Before this fan fic the only things I actually published were a few poems, this is my first fan fic ever actually,I just got brave one night and started typing. I'm glad people are liking it
Warrioratheart Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Good for you for putting yourself out there! :heart:
stories11 Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2013   Digital Artist
Thanks, it's kinda new to me, I'll admit it's a bit scary, i was pretty sure I was gonna fail and have my head torn off by the fanmily. Now the fic has gone on far longer than I intended originally. I don't think I could be happier with the response I've gotten
Warrioratheart Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
The fandom is pretty chill with things, though I've distanced myself from it lately and wouldn't exactly know what's right and wrong. I do know that we love fanfiction, and hopefully for the most part are still friendly! So keep on going and don't be scared. <3
stories11 Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2013   Digital Artist
I've been accepted as a fan fic writer in the community real well, it's honestly been a breath of fresh air because of some things I've had going on IRL. This has been a great escape for me, and I guess others enjoy it too :)
Warrioratheart Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Good! I'm glad you've been getting such great feedback <:
Abstract321 Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
*eager hand rubbing* I can't wait for the next chapter! :3
stories11 Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2013   Digital Artist
Well you're in luck, it's already been posted!
Abstract321 Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Oooh! *Sprints to your profile*
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