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Chapter 3

The sound of the knock ricocheted through the hall, Matt held his breath unconsciously, unsure of what to expect when the door would open, if it would open. After what felt like hours the door opened. A man in a wooden mask, with what appeared to be a keyhole cut out of the center. He stood there in silence for a few moments. "Well?" The man asked him. "It must be something rather important to interrupt my work with blue matter." Peter shifted his weight on his walking stick examining Matt. "It might help if you're breathing." Matt hadn't realized that he wasn't breathing until that point. Matt was only able to utter a single word, a word far more powerful than he could ever realize. "Rabbit…" he almost whispered. Peter straightened up, and stepped out of his office closing the door firmly behind him. "Where?" He responded calmly. Matt turned and walked down the hall, with Peter following.

The Spine was becoming aggravated. Michael had fixed Rabbits leaks and cleaned him up as best he could. He stepped away to speak with Steve about the situation. He wondered where Matt could possibly be. Rabbit grasped The Spine's hand tightly, sensing how tense he was, looking down at his battered older brother, it was hard not to let the tears he held back fall. "Please Spine. Please." That was all Rabbit said, but it was enough to keep The Spine anchored to the spot.

Hatchworth left his room, knowing he had to face it himself sooner or later. He nearly slammed into a confused Brianna. He mumbled an apology and made a motion to leave. Brianna placed a hand on his shoulder knowing that he could easily walk away if he wanted to, but she hoped he wouldn't. Hatchworth turned around, surprised by the sudden contact. "What's going on? Why is everyone acting so strangely?" she asked him. Hatchworth's eternal smile had faded away hours ago, he looked at her and said one word. "Rabbit." She reached for her phone. "I'm going to tell Paige, and then you're going to show me where he is." her fingers flew across the keys, knowing a phone would take far too long. She tucked her phone away and took Hatchworth's arm as he led her down the hall, she prepared herself for the worst.

Matt finally came back to the room with Peter Walter. When he walked in he heard a sound from The Spine that sounded almost like a growl. Rabbit looked towards Matt as the sound of the click of a walking stick on the hardwood floors. Peter Walter VI rounded the corner with a calm demeanor. He took a toll of the room before looking at Michael. "Well?"

Michael immediately brought Peter over to Rabbit, who was doing his best to smile for Peter. The appearance of Peter made him uneasy, all of the robots knew that Peter only came around on special occasions. "What am I supposed to be seeing?" He asked. Michael grasped Peter's hand and guided it down into the hole in Rabbit's shoulder. "it's not what you're supposed to be seeing," He felt the edge of the boiler, "it's what you're supposed to be feeling." Peter jumped a fraction of an inch when he touched the cold boiler. "It's cold…." He withdrew his hand and looked directly at Michael, "you were right to come and get me."

Hatchworth and Paige entered the room to see Peter kneeling by Rabbit. Brianna nearly gasped when she saw him, it worse than she could have imagined if Peter was here. Paige entered the room with a worried expression on her face, she flocked to Rabbit, stroking his face gently. She looked at The Spine, making eye contact with his photo receptors, they both knew there was little hope. Rabbit's head twitched again. "Wh-when did ev-ev-evryone get here?" he asked brokenly. Peter was too busy talking with Michael to notice Rabbit. Steve was getting Brianna and Hatchworth caught up on what had happened so far. Paige stroked Rabbit's face soothingly, "We all came as soon as we heard Rabbit, we're all worried about you." Rabbit smiled a little, and twitched, "You-you-you don't have to w-worry about me." He said trying to be brave.

Peter and Michael had finished talking. Peter spoke once again, "We need to take him to his room. I'll need to fix that boiler." Within an instant The Spine was standing once again, holding his brother. He carried him to his room before laying him on the bed gently. He had gotten there before anyone else, using his inhuman speed to his advantage. "Sp-Spine?"

"Yes Rabbit?" listening closely for his brothers quiet speech."S-sing for me?" He asked. The pleading in his voice was unmistakable. The Spine was quiet for a moment thinking of the right song to sing, before sitting beside the bed. He opened his mouth and let the lyrics flow.

Is this the moment where I look you in the eye?

Forgive my broken promise that you'll never see me cry

And everything, it will surely change

Even if I tell you I won't go away today
Will you think that you're all alone

When no one's there to hold your hand?

When all you know seems so far away

And everything is temporary, rest your head

I'm permanent
My first Steam Powered Giraffe Fanfic, please bear with me.

This story involves: The Spine, Rabbit, Hatchworth, Michael Reed, Matt Smith, and Steve Negrete… so far

Rated PG

Already written chapters 1 - 4, Chapter 5 is being written, this can also be found on Tumblr and the Cavalcadium

This is just fan fiction and is in no way considered a part of the Steam Powered Giraffe lore, I do not own Steam Powered Giraffe in any way

The song The Spine sings to Rabbit is "Permanent" by David Cook, not a big fan of him myself, but I thought it fit really well here
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