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January 8, 2013
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Chapter 6

The robots sat quietly for a moment as Peter left the room. None of the robots knew quite what to say. The Spine slid his hand over Rabbit's carefully and Hatchworth added his hand to the pile. The brothers felt connected to each other in that moment of perfect silence through such a small gesture.

Michael walked into the room quietly and set about his work quietly. After an hour the humans of the manor began to join them once again. Tension hung thick in the air, filling the room and suffocating all who entered with fear and sorrow.

As time ran short The Spine grew desperate for his brother, he turned to Michael Reed pleading, "Is there anything you can do to help him? Anything at all?" Michael sighed, he had been hoping it wouldn't come to this. "There is one thing I can do, but it's dangerous, even attempting to do it could kill him….." The Spine didn't know what to say to Michael. "D-do it…." Rabbit croaked out amongst a sea of static. The Spine looked at his brother in shock, "but Rabbit, it could…." Rabbit cut him off. "K-kill me? I know, but some-t-times you g-gotta take a chance." Hatchworth removed his hand as he looked at the two brothers, knowing they would want to say their goodbyes alone.

The Spine wrapped his arms around his older brother in a tight embrace that seemed all too short. "I lo-lo-love you S-Spine." Rabbit whispered. The Spine gripped Rabbit's hand tightly, "I know you do Rabbit, I love you too." Rabbit stammered out a few more words, "Will you s-sing for me Spine? One more t-time?" A tear rolled down The Spine's cheek, "Anything you want Rabbit." Smiling through his sorrow The Spine sang out.

Once there was a way,
To get back homeward.

Once there was a way
To get back home.

Sleep, pretty darling,
Dot not cry
And I will sing a lullaby.

He held rabbit's hand still singing as Michael approached, "I'm so sorry Rabbit." He reached into Rabbit's chest cavity, tears streaming down his cheeks. Rabbit and The Spine held hands, as Michael said "Hold on buddy." he said to Rabbit, as he went to work. The Spine kept singing, a last song for his big brother. Rabbit began to shudder and spewed oil from his lips. The Spine pinned his brother down with his free hand and continued to sing for him, as Michael continued to work.

With a final jolt his copper body went limp and his photo receptors went dark, his hand still held in The Spine's. Michael fell to his knees beside the bed, tears streaming freely, The Spine's head dipped down low as the realization set in that Rabbit was gone. The Walter girls hugged each other, crying on each others shoulders as Steve and Matt tried their best not to cry at the site of their fallen friend. The room was silent for minutes as they all mourned for Rabbit.


A small sound, but it seemed to rouse them for a moment. Suddenly the whir of a gear. The Spine looked up searching for the sound, not seeing anything he looked to Rabbit…. could it be? Rabbit's body slowly began to twitch and whir. The impossible was happening. Rabbit was alive. The Humans and robots drew closer to watch. Michael reached into Rabbit's cavity, and withdrew it quickly, wiping away tears. He looked up at The Spine with a smile, "It's hot." Moments later Rabbit's photo receptors clicked on.

The Spine was still holding Rabbit's hand, and for the first time in what seemed like forever, Rabbit held his hand back. "Spine?" Rabbit spoke without stuttering. "Yeah rabbit?" The Spine smiled at his brother. Rabbit looked around before leaning in close to The Spine. "Why is everyone staring at me? It's getting kind of creepy." The Spine laughter and held his brother in a tight embrace. Rabbit hugged him back, but as the hug became longer, "I'm not dead anymore The Spine. You can let go now."

The Spine reluctantly let go of Rabbit, allowing Michael to reattach Rabbit's chest plates. "And one more thing Spine…" Rabbit said, "Can I have my hand back?"
The song The Spine sings is Golden Slumbers by The Beatles

Actually made myself cry writing this one. Hope you enjoy it, this fan fic isn't over yet

My first Steam Powered Giraffe Fanfic, please bear with me.

This story involves: The Spine, Rabbit, Hatchworth, Michael Reed, Matt Smith, Peter Walter VI, and the Walter Girls Paige and Brianna

Rated PG

Already written chapters 1 - 6 this can also be found on Tumblr and the Cavalcadium

This is just fan fiction and is in no way considered a part of the Steam Powered Giraffe lore, I do not own Steam Powered Giraffe in any way
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WolfGrowl96 Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2013
Ooh dont u ever scare me like that. I almost criec xD
stories11 Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2013   Digital Artist
You've reminded me I really need to retcon the first chapter of the sequel and get writing. Thank you for reminding me this exists and there's interest still! And yes. Feels. THey are my life source >:D
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thank you, the comment is much appreciate :) I hope you continue to enjoy it, I have more chapters on the way
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Awesome! I’m working in a fanfic myself too, but it’s in Spanish *I’m from chile* I have translated three chapters now, but it still much work xD
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