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Chapter 9

Later that day…

The Spine dug in his closet for a few minutes before producing s black chest with a silver lock. He fished in his pocket before finding the key to open the box smiling, all of his supplies were still there. It had been far too long since he had taken a night for himself. "Brianna?" he called out.

"Yes?" she called from the hall. She peeked her head around the door before spotting the black box. She smiled before grabbing The Spine's writs and the black box, and proceeded to the Hall or Wires.

Rabbit walked into the kitchen to see piles of sandwiches filling the room. Hatchworth was staring at one pile in particular, appearing to be deep in thought. Rabbit grabbed a sandwich from a random pile and took a big bite. "Hi Hatchy!" he said, mouth still full of mystery sandwich.

Hatchworth looked at Rabbit with disdain, he hadn't asked before taking a sandwich, typical. "Hello Rabbit."

"Whatcha doin' Hatchy?" Rabbit asked before taking another bite.

"I'm trying to figure out what to do with all these sandwiches." Hatchworth responded annoyed.

"Well why don't you ask the Spine? He always knows what to do!"

"I can do this myself Rabbit."

"I'm sorry Hatchy, I just…"

"My name is not Hatchy, it's Hatchworth."

"I'm sorry I just…"

"You should go Rabbit…"

Rabbit's lip trembled, he didn't know what he had done to upset Hatchworth. Maybe Spine would know, he always knew what was going on. Rabbit left the room on the verge of tears.

Lil' Steve wandered around Walter Manor looking for things to headbutt when he ran into Rabbit. "Hey! Hey big guy! You alright?!" He called up to Rabbit.

Rabbit looked down, "Oh…. Hi Little Steve." He reached down and brought Little Steve up to eye level.

"What's your malfunction Rabbit?"

"Hatchy got mad at me, I don't know what I did wrong."

"You know what always cheers me up when I'm sad?"

"What?" Rabbit asked dejectedly.


"I don't really think that'll help…"

Lil Steve hopped down and said. "Of course it will!" He slammed his head into the wall 3 times. "Headbutt Headbutt! Headbutt!" he turned to Rabbit. "Now you try."

Rabbit turned to the wall, still hesitant. He threw his head up against the wall, and removed it covered in plaster. "That didn't help very much, I think I'm gonna go find The Spine." Rabbit walked away head hung low, not feeling any better than he had before.

The Spine heard the loud bang and heard the resounding crumble of plaster, and cringed.

"Hold still!" Brianna exclaimed when he made a sudden shift as she attempted to straighten his wig.

The Spine had a worried expression on his face, "Maybe I should go check up on that." He shifted in his seat, it had been 30 minutes since they had started, and the transformation was almost complete, but he was staring to have second thoughts.

Brianna looked him straight in the eyes, "No you shouldn't." She responded calmly, it had been far too long since The Spine had taken a night for himself, and she was determined to make sure he got it. She admired her handiwork and picked up the handheld mirror. She handed it to The Spine and said, "Look."

He hesitantly took the mirror, he looked into it and surprised himself. He looked so…. human. He always did after the transformation but it never failed to surprise him. It was near impossible to tell that his "skin" was actually make up. He touched his face gently, there was no turning back tonight. He smiled at Brianna and gave her a hug, "Thank you Brianna."

She smiled and hugged him back. "Be careful okay? Don't get back too late." The Spine took a step towards the door. "Don't forget these Spi-…. I mean Roy." She corrected herself and tossed him his house keys. He smiled and caught the keys. He opened the door and took a step, a night out was exactly what he needed.

Rabbit wandered the halls looking for The Spine. He checked room after room hoping to find him, but only found Paige in one of the drawing rooms. "Hi Paige, have you seen The Spine?"

Paige turned around not having heard Rabbit enter the room, and covered a paper on the desk. "Not today. Is something wrong?"

Rabbit sighed, "It's just that Hatchy got mad at me and I can't figure out why."

"I'm sorry he got mad at you. Can you think of anything you might have done to upset him?" She asked as she slid the paper further out of sight.

Rabbit noticed the paper on the desk. "What's that?" without asking he walked to the desk and uncovered the desk. Rabbit's jaw dropped, it was a beautiful drawing of him. She had captured his oxidation perfectly and the shine off his copper was incredible, "Paige… This is amazin'."

Paige blushed, flustered. She grabbed the drawing and stashed it away in a drawer. "It's nothing, really."

"Whatda ya mean Paige? That drawing was amazin!"

Paige smiled and looked down at the floor shyly. "Really, it's nothing. I'm glad you like it though." She was always shy about her artistic abilities.

rabbit looked at her for a minute before taking her by the hand, "Come on, I got something to show ya." Paige followed him as he led her through the house to the basement. "Wait right here." he said before running off further into the basement. Paige stayed where she was out of curiosity. Rabbit came back carrying something she couldn't quite see. "The Spine used to be an artist too! But that was a long time ago, he was a painta'! He showed her what he was carrying. It was a portrait of Walter manor, the detail was incredible, she could see each of the automatons scattered through out the picture. Even Peter Walter VI could be seen looking out of window, and she spotted herself sitting next to Rabbit in the yard.

"We should hang this up in the manor somewhere." She remarked.

"I don't know if The Spine would like that, he doesn't like his paintins' very much."

Paige took the painting and walked up the steps, she hung it in the living room smirking defiantly.

"There, now doesn't that look nice?" she asked.

"Yeah, I guess it does." he smiled, having forgotten all about Hatchworth being mad at him. "Let's go have an adventure!" Paige smiled and shook her head before following him out of the room.
Yes Lil’ Steve is his own entity and character, he’s awesome like that. Hope you enjoyed this chapter, we’ll see a little more of The Spine er… Roy and his interactions with humans outside the manor.

My first Steam Powered Giraffe Fanfic, please bear with me.

This story involves: The Spine, Rabbit, Hatchworth, Michael Reed, Matt Smith, Peter Walter VI, and the Walter Girls Paige and Brianna

Rated PG

Already written chapters 1 - 8 of this can also be found on Tumblr and the Cavalcadium

This is just fan fiction and is in no way considered a part of the Steam Powered Giraffe lore, I do not own Steam Powered Giraffe in any way
Abstract321 Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
headbutt headbutt bheadbutt!! xD Aw, Poor Rabbit. I hope Hatchy settles himself down soon. -_-
MuppetMolly Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
LIL STEVE! You just made my WHOLE night!
stories11 Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2013   Digital Artist
MuppetMolly you just made me laugh so hard. I'm glad that you like the addition of Lil' Steve to the characters
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